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Another expression of Rebecca's passion for history is portrayed in her artwork, which has been published in numerous publications and purchased by celebrities.  Rebecca is a self-taught artist with no formal training.

As a child, Rebecca loved to draw, particularly faces. The eyes were always the focus as is seen in her sculpture today.

Beginning in 1986, by request of a friend, Rebecca began researching the legends of Santa and as with all history there is no end.  Whether it is the beloved Father Christmas, the antagonistic Nisse or the feared Der Belsnickel, Christmas around the world is intriguing.
The faces and hands are hand sculpted in clay and no two are alike.  Vintage fabrics and furs are utilized in the collectible creations. Diligent searching at local thrift stores and yard sales produce unique and enchanting one of a kind accessories. The horse hair beards are a trade mark of Rebecca’s creations.

Many times a character has been made in the likeness of a loved one. Photos need to be sent and the outcome has been amazing. Often personal items are utilized making the collectible particularly sentimental.

Ranging in size from small ornaments to life size characters each piece of art is created with a sense of kinship. Often times the face will denote the character. Sometimes while working on an order, the face has a different personality and must be set aside to be completed as appropriate later.  Does she talk to them....yes, they are her “Boys”.

Rebecca has expanded her artwork to include Western Art including Rodeo Clown figurines, Native Americans, portrayed in every day ancestral life and dance stick effigies.

Special orders are always welcome; in fact, many of her “favorites” come from customer request. When you give a home to one of her creations, you become family.

Rebecca Satter Old World Santa Figurines

Handmade Santa Claus Dolls & Figurines

Rebecca Satter Old World Western Figurines

Handmade Western Dolls made by Rebecca Satter

Rebecca Satter Western Art

Handmade Western Crafts made by Rebecca Satter

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